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Fat-oil industry


Main products range FLORA INGREDIENTS Co.,Ltd - different types of highly concentrated flavours with a given range of properties that can effectively control quality, expand range and improve the profitability of produced products.

Highly concentrated forms provide opportunity to increase profitability by reducing transport, storage costs. Producer who use such forms of flavours does not pay for the carrier in flavors. If customers want flavors in dry form, we can offer it, by our order one of the leaders in food industry in Russia (with HASSP and ISO certificates) can produce dry form of flavours. For conveninence of our customers can make delution by themself.

All flavors are specially designed to ensure quality of traditional foods, taking into account the taste preferences of our customers. The range of flavors is constantly expanding in line with the chosen strategy of developing.

Hydrocolloids and Emulsifiers

FLORA INGREDIENTS Co.,Ltd specializes on suppling and selling the broad spectrum hydrocolloids and emulsifiers for different branches of food industry.

We use the complex approach to supply by developing logistic possibilities and thought-out price policy, based on latest marketing researches and taking into account interests of our clients. The Combinations classical and unique ingredients give to our partners unchallengeable advantages.

Professional team of our company, having unique knowledge and experience, will render the skilled help and will help to solve the most complex problems in the field of food production.

We are ready to work in one command with our partners and offer the most original decisions to make new products, orientated on leading achievements in the field of food technology.

FLORA INGREDIENTS Co.,Ltd offers ingredients, allowing effecient quality control, increase assortment and raise profitability of Your products.

Offerring novelties, we based on the latest trend of consumer demands.

Our work success based on: high quality of products and flexible system of discount, direct supplies in optimum time, fast reaction to respond of markets needs and trends.

The range of ingredients:

Ingredients Application


vanilla, dairy, meat, spices and savory

(very concentrated liquid and dry form)


Dairy products, confectionery, ice-cream, snacks, sauces, fast food, bakery products

Emulsifier (monoglycerides)

Fat-oil, milk, confectionary, ice-cream


Milk products, confectionary

Guar gum

Milk products, confectionary, ice-cream

Whey protein concentrate "Hilmar 8000" (protein min 80%)

Milk products, confectionary, ice-cream

Maltodextrin (DE15-20) white, brown

Milk products, Confectionary.


Milk products, Confectionary, ice-cream.


Dairy products, confectionery

We work with the world's best producers and can offer the highest quality ingredients.