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«Flora Ingredients» spicialise in sale of production based on ENZYME for food industry. That enzyme bind and buils crosslinks with proteins.

We use the complex approach to supply by development of logistic possibilities and thought-out price politic, latest marketing researces and interests of our clients. The Combinations classical and unique ingredients give to our partners unchallengeable advantages.

Professional team of our company, having unique knowledge and experience, will render the skilled help and will help to solve the most complex problems in the field of food production.

Our products produce in World's Lider of enzyme production. Whole range meet with all safety requrements. We have State Registration for the products.

«FLORA INGREDIENTS» offer "BioBond", which can increase the quality and range of final products, and you also can reduce the cost of products.

Offerring novelties, we take into account all nuances the most latest trend consumers demand.

Our range:

Name Usage
BioBond Restructured meat, sausages, ham, bacon.
BioBond (fast) Surimi, fish products, restructured meat, sausages, ham, bacon. Advantages: settle time fall for 30-40%.
BioBond (watersoluble) Restructured meat, sausages, ham, bacon. Watersoluble form of BioBond.
BioBond (concentrated) Restructured meat, sausages, ham, bacon, solutions for injections.
BioBond (dairy) Yogurts, sourcream.
BioBond (cheese) Hard cheese.

Мы работаем с лучшими мировыми производителями и можем предложить самые высококачественные ингредиенты.